AQUAPLANCTON Eliminates Algae in Ponds and Lakes

Avoid Harsh Chemicals and Eliminate Algae Naturally with AQUAPLANCTON

AQUAPLANCTON works in the winter even under ice.

Chemical algae killers like algaecides can eliminate this nasty problem but they also wipe out all the vital friendly bacteria in your pond. Ponds need a balance of friendly and unfriendly bacteria to avoid algae and promote healthy conditions for your fish, plants and all aquatic life.  AQUAPLANCTON works – naturally.

You can buy AQUAPLANCTON in six different sizes from 5 to 55 pounds and all include shipping to all 50 states.

Eliminate Algae! Please contact us for quantities larger than 55 pounds.

  • 5 Pounds Aquaplancton

    A five pound bag of Aquaplancton suitable for treating 50 square feet of water.

  • 10 Pounds Aquaplancton

    A ten pound bag of Aquaplancton suitable for treating 100 square feet of water.

  • 20 Pounds Aquaplancton

    20 pounds of Aquaplancton consists of two 10 pound bags and is suitable for treating 200 square feet of water.

  • 25 Pounds Aquaplancton

    25 pounds of Aquaplancton consists of two 10 pound bags and a five pound bag and is suitable for treating 250 square feet of water.

  • 40 Pounds Aquaplancton

    40 pounds of Aquaplancton consists of four 10 pound bags and is suitable for treating 400 square feet of water.

  • 55 Pounds Aquaplancton

    A 55 pound bag of Aquaplancton suitable for treating 550 square feet of water.


Effective Natural Algae Control

Do you have a pond or small lake? Is it muddy, murky or green with algae? Is it slimy, smelly, choked with weed and a chore to clean out? If you have a pump, are you forever cleaning or changing the filter? Would you like to be able to see your fish again? We have the answer.
Aquaplancton is safe to use with fish and is safe for ducks, plants, pets, all forms of wildlife, UV and biological filters.  Aquaplancton can clear green water, sludge, slime, odor, blanket weed and all types of algae.

For the ecological restoration of flora and fauna in lakes, ponds, rivers and streams.


AQUAPLANCTON is a naturally mined mineral which eliminates algae. It’s an Eco-Conscious solution to your algae control needs.

Pond owners are a lot more concious of the environment these days and welcome this natural alternative to the use of manufactured chemicals. Aquaplancton is an entirely natural, mined mineral that works with nature, which has to be better than using manufactured chemicals.

It’s the calcite outer scales of the fossilized Aquaplancton that are beneficial to ponds. These are called coccoliths. They act as a support and habitat for the beneficial aerobic bacteria in the pond. It’s the aerobic bacteria that consume the sludge and starve blanket weed of its nutrition causing it to die out naturally. AQUAPLANCTON WORKS ALL YEAR ROUND INCLUDING WINTER.


How much will I need?

Please calculate the area of water to be treated. Depth is not important. You will need about one pound for every 10 square feet of water area to be treated. Stubborn algae problems may need a second follow up treatment 2-3 weeks after the first but you will only need 1/4 of the initial dose. This should then keep you algae free for the rest of the year.  Please check our algae treatment calculator here

AQUAPLANCTON Treatment Calculator

For a pond 6 feet by 7 that’s 42 square feet and you would need just over four pounds so we suggest a 5 pound bag for $39 including postage.  A pond 10 feet by 8 feet comes to 80 square feet and you would need around 8 pounds so we would suggest a 10 pound bag at $69 including postage.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch!