How to apply Aquaplancton

How Much to Apply:

To apply Aquaplancton, first calculate the area of water to be treated. Depth is not important. You will need about one pound for every 10 square feet of water area to be treated. We suggest you order a little more than this as a second smaller dose may be needed 2-3 weeks after the first. For a pond 6 feet by 7 that’s 42 square feet and would need just over four pounds. A pond 10 feet by 9 feet comes to 90 square feet and would need around 9 pounds.  Please try this calculator to estimate how much you will need.  Please note you may need a second dose a quarter of the first does 3-4 weeks later in a stubborn case of algae.

Algae Treatment Calculator

A pond 15 by 15 feet comes to 225 square feet and you would put in about 22 pounds for one of this size. Please contact us or call for help calculating how much AQUAPLANCTON you need.

Eliminate Algae

Small Ponds:

The 5 pound pack will treat 50 square feet and the ten pound pack will treat 100 square feet of water.

Large Ponds:

Buy the 55 pound bag which will treat up to 550 square feet of surface area. Please contact us for larger ponds for a reduced price quote.


Buy a pallet (40 x 55 pounds bags) per acre of surface area. AQUAPLANCTON can be spread from a small boat or poured in front of the propeller of an outboard motor.

Rivers and Streams:

Bags can be positioned across the bottom like a dam. By perforating them, water will penetrate forming a thick paste, which will be carried away by the flow and deposited on the layers of mud. Where the situation allows, AQUAPLANCTON can also spread over the surface of the water from the banks at strategic points where the silt builds up.


Dosage is not crucial. AQUAPLANCTON is not a harmful substance, so you can’t overdose the amount that you place into your body of water. Depth of water or gallon capacity is not as important as surface area.

AQUAPLANCTON is active on the bottom of the pond, so try to achieve a thin layer over the surface of the bottom. Ponds with gently sloping sides or shelves may also be treated in this way.

Pumps can be left on to mix the AQUAPLANCTON well in, but if it is possible to switch them off for a little while, without affecting the oxygen levels for the fish, this will give the AQUAPLANCTON time to settle to the bottom and start its valuable work.


Ponds can be treated at any time of year, AQUAPLANCTON even works well in winter.

For smaller ponds we recommend applying AQUAPLANCTON 2-3 times a year, for example apply in spring, summer and fall. Larger ponds and lakes are a lot more stable than smaller areas, thereby needing to be treated less often.

AQUAPLANCTON is active in the water for at least a year. The activity doesn’t suddenly stop, but it does begin to slow.

Remove Algae

What to Expect After Applying AQUAPLANCTON:

A milky or pale green appearance in the water is perfectly normal and disappears when the AP settles.  Your fish may lie low on the bottom for the first week – 10 days, but don’t worry, they will be perfectly all right.  After 5 – 10 days the AP should have settled to the bottom and the process of eliminating your algae problem will be well underway.

Results vary greatly from pond to pond. When you use AQUAPLANCTON you are working with nature, so you have to be prepared for things to happen at nature’s pace. In some cases results can be seen in a few days but it may take a few weeks.