Before you clean out your pond please read this

Posted by in Ponds on April 5, 2015 Comments off

I am taking many calls daily from people with algae outbreaks and the one question I always ask is “Did you just clean out your pond?” I can report with near certainty that almost all that have recently does this are seeing a very bad case of algae now. It’s only natural to conclude a clean out may be the only way to end an algae problem and for 2-3 weeks it seems it has and then it comes back with a vengeance because algae loves a new pond, fresh water and a “clean start”. AQUAPLANCTON actually works better with some muck on the bottom of the pond and it combines with this stuff to create a home for aerobic bacteria the friendly organisms ponds need to balance their eco-systems. By emptying a pond the good and the bad bacteria are eliminated and the bad – the algae – is the first take root in the new environment.