Pond Algae in the Winter

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For many pond owners winter and the cooling temperatures brings a temporary end to the scourge of pond algae. For some in our southern states the respite may not come as the blessing of a year long warmer sun only encourages algae to hang on tightly awaiting spring and renewed often explosive growth. Consequently, winter algae treatment strategies will vary considerably by state and the current weather conditions.

Even the coldest states can have a warmer spell and water being a great heat sink can quickly gather up enough warmth to repopulate your pond with a new outbreak of algae. Before you reach for the algaecide remember these products tend to work best (if you are keen on strong chemical “killers”) in warm water which of course may only last a few days. By being patient you will soon see the temperature drop rapidly again wiping out the need for chemical intrusion and the algae outbreak will then subside.

Aquaplancton is an all natural; mineral that can be successfully applied during the winter months as it is not impacted by the coldest wintery conditions and continues to work on the muck and sludge sitting on the bottom of ponds. This process can set ponds up for a algae free season avoiding any chemical applications.

I am obliged top Kevin Tucker president of Virginia Lake Management Company for his excellent article on this subject.