What Is Aquaplancton?

AQUAPLANCTON is an all-natural, environmentally safe mined mineral of planktonic origin that stimulates the beneficial, aerobic bacteria within your pond, lake, river or stream to naturally eliminate algae, string algae/blanket weed, and unpleasant odors. We are the exclusive North American suppliers of this amazing product.

AQUAPLANCTON is an Eco-Conscious solution to your algae control needs.

What Problems Does AQUAPLANCTON Solve?

AQUAPLANCTON naturally eliminates green water, sludge, slime, algae, odor, and string algae/blanket weed from all freshwater environments from the smallest ponds to lakes and streams.



AQUAPLANCTON works by stimulating the beneficial, aerobic bacteria within your pond. These micro-organisms normally digest the rotting organic matter that builds up on the bottom of your pond. However, when these micro-organisms become inactive, mud accumulates causing algae and blanket weed to thrive.

AQUAPLANCTON re-activates these beneficial aerobic bacteria, which in turn consume the mud. This starves algae and blanket weed of their nutrition causing them to die out naturally.

Eliminate Algae

How Much Mud Can Be Consumed?

Good bacteria, working well, can consume up to six inches of mud in six months.

What Happens to the Mud?

Mud, made up from rotting leaves, fish excrement and dead weeds is 90% water. The aerobic bacteria consume the rotting organic matter in the mud, leaving only water. This is why the mud appears to miraculously disappear.

How Does AQUAPLANCTON Get Rid of Unpleasant Odor?

Unpleasant odor is caused by bad, anaerobic bacteria. AQUAPLANCTON knocks out the bad anaerobic bacteria and replaces them with good aerobic bacteria.

Can I Use AQUAPLANCTON on a Clay Based Pond?

Yes, AQUAPLANCTON only works on organic mud. Clay is a mineral and will not be consumed.

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Will AQUAPLANCTON Increase the Oxygen Levels in My Pond?

Yes. AQUAPLANCTON will increase the oxygen levels by about 20%, but not in one day. The oxygen levels will gradually increase over a period of about 6 months.

Is AQUAPLANCTON Safe for Fish, Pets and Plants?

Absolutely! Unlike manufactured chemicals, AQUAPLANCTON is not harmful to the environment and is used successfully with fish all the time. It won’t harm amphibians, ducks, plants or any form of water life. It is even safe for your pets to drink from water treated with AQUAPLANCTON.

Remember that some fish can be sensitive to any change in their environment so ultimately the pond owner has to be responsible for the wellbeing of their own fish.

AQUAPLANCTON won’t harm plants, but if you want to avoid getting it onto the leaves, you can mix it in a watering can with some of the pond water and insert the spout, without the rose, between or beneath the leaves. This gets the AQUAPLANCTON into the pond with the minimum amount of mess.

When is the Best Time to use AQUAPLANCTON?

Ponds can be treated any time of the year. AQUAPLANCTON even works well in winter. It’s a good idea to start to apply AQUAPLANCTON 4-6 weeks before you normally expect blanket weed to start growing as this is likely to reduce or entirely stop any outbreak.

Do I Need to Clean out My Pond Before Applying AQUAPLANCTON?

AQUAPLANCTON needs a certain amount of organic matter to work on and when you clean out manually you also destroy many of the beneficial bacteria. However, if you have already cleaned your pond, you can still use AQUAPLANCTON, as it will help to replace those beneficial bacteria. However, as tap water contains trace elements which foster the growth of algae, it is better not to clean your pond out before treating, unless it is particularly polluted.

Is it Safe to use AQUAPLANCTON at the Same Time as Other Remedies?

It is safe to use AQUAPLANCTON in conjunction with fish remedies, other pond products and UV filters. However, as AQUAPLANCTON is entirely natural, the fewer unnatural methods used the better.

How Long Does it Take for AQUAPLANCTON to Work?

Results vary greatly from pond to pond. When you use AQUAPLANCTON you are working with nature, so you have to be prepared for things to happen at nature’s pace. In some cases, results can be seen in a few days; in others it can take a few weeks or even some months. As AQUAPLANCTON is perfectly safe, you can apply it frequently to the water. Frequent small amounts will work better than large amounts infrequently. In most cases you should see a significant improvement in the health of your pond in about 6-8 weeks.

How long is AQUAPLANCTON Active in the Water?

AQUAPLANCTON is active in the water for at least a year. The activity doesn’t suddenly stop, but it does begin to slow. For smaller ponds we recommend applying AQUAPLANCTON 2-3 times a year, for example apply in spring, summer and fall. Larger ponds and lakes are a lot more stable than smaller areas, thereby needing to be treated less often.

Eliminate Algae
Eliminate Algae

Will AQUAPLANCTON Work in Larger Lakes and Rivers?

Yes. Please contact us with the estimated area of your lake in square feet or acres.

For lakes, spread from a small boat or poured in front of the propeller of an outboard motor. Usually a pallet (40 x 55lbs bags) will treat one acre.

For rivers and streams, bags can be positioned across the bottom like a dam. By perforating them, water will penetrate the bags, forming a thick paste which will be carried away by the water flow and deposited on the layers of mud. Where the situation allows, AQUAPLANCTON can also be spread over the surface of the water from the banks at strategic points where the silt builds up.

Can I Use AQUAPLANCTON in Salt Water or in My Swimming Pool?

No. AQUAPLANCTON only works in fresh water ponds, lakes, rivers or streams.

Do I Need to know the pH of My Pond?

No, but if you have green water or string algae/blanket weed it is likely that your pond is on the acidic side. AQUAPLANCTON will neutralize any acidity immediately, similar to an antacid neutralizing gastric acidity. If the water is already alkaline, you can still use AQUAPLANCTON, however, in these cases the pH level usually stays about the same.